What would you give to have more personal time while also growing your nonprofit at the same time? If you use automated tools to connect with the people that are important to your nonprofit you can communicate more effectively while taking away many administrative tasks. In this week’s Movementum Moment Bruce Stapleton reviews 3 tools that you can use to help reach more people and engage with messages that are meaningful and impactful. The tools also provide you the ability to continually create the important content you need for your website and social media posts. The three tools reviewed in this video are: Airtable, Google Data Studio, and ConvertKit.

Video Transcript

Hi welcome to this week’s Movementum Moment. This week I want to help you build your marketing momentum by giving you three online tools that will improve your nonprofit’s performance and more importantly, make your life easier through automating the many tasks that you’re probably now doing manually. Hi, my name is Bruce Stapleton the founder of the Movementum Group. So what are your toughest challenges for 2021? If you’re similar to the nonprofits that I work with then some of your challenges that you’re facing include finding more donors, getting people to volunteer, and consistently creating content for your website and social media. The trick is to automate many of these processes that you now do manually. Like sending out bulk emails or downloading data for reports. Now I haven’t found a perfect tool yet that does everything but I do have ones that work together seamlessly so you can get back to what’s important in making an impact with your non-profit.

One of the tools is AirTable. This free content management tool provides you with the ability to easily collaborate with your staff, board members, and anyone else that may need access to this important information. This tool has many easy to follow templates that meet your needs for content creation and event tracking. It also provides automated notifications or alerts when something is completed or needs attention. It’s as easy to use as a spreadsheet but has many of the functions of a database that helps you organize your business.

The second tool that links with AirTable and allows you to build a dashboard to easily track and monitor many aspects of your business is Google Data Studio. This automatically updates the data as it’s created in AirTable or whatever source you’re using. It’s visually pleasing with charts and graphs and links with Google Sheets and Google Analytics. It can connect with over 300 data sources incorporating ones you probably are currently using right now. You can create easy to understand dashboards to monitor your nonprofit’s performance and show management or your donors how you’re doing. This tool is also free.

The final tool for this week is an email system that allows you to automatically send out emails based on specific criteria thereby eliminating the administrative tasks of bulk emails and remembering to send them out on a regular basis. Sure there are many email systems out there that allow you to send and collect emails and manually send them out in bulk. But, are you using the automation tools that allow you to send emails automatically as people engage with your non-profit? Are you tailoring your emails to fit the needs of specific groups? One way to improve your content creations is to send an automatic email weekly to your staff and volunteers asking them to write a few bullet points on what good things have happened that week. This will help you build your content for inspiring stories and social media posts. One tool that’s easy to use and builds great landing pages you know is ConvertKit. You can build automated sequences based on subscriber behaviors and continually reach out to them with meaningful content. You can also automatically send email reminders to your staff and volunteers. The great thing about ConvertKit is that’s easy to use and it will also link with Google Data Studio to give you easy reporting and real-time monitoring. ConvertKit has a free option for capturing emails and building your lead pages. But, if you want to use the automated features, which is really the key reason to use it, the cost is around twenty-nine dollars a month. A small fee to pay for the extra time and return you’re going to get from these automated tools.

So if you’re not currently using digital tools to collaborate, automate, and report the great things your non-profit’s doing then you need to stop take a look at what these three tools can do for your organization. Take away those many administrative tasks from your staff so they can spend the time on the important things to build your nonprofit. So good luck and see you next week.

Note: ConvertKit Link is an affiliate link. However, I fully support and use this product.