Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to reach more donors and volunteers and to let the world know about your awesome cause? If not why? This ad grant is available to any nonprofit that qualifies and you don’t have to ever reapply. You get $10,000 per month to spend on Google ad – yes, you read this correctly, $10,000 per month = $120,000 a year. Just think of the impact and reach your nonprofit can have! 

Google Ad Grant – So What’s the Catch?

Sound too good to be true? Well in some respects it is. Why? Because it takes a dedicated plan of action and detailed management and optimization of your website to effectively use the ad grant and make sure your nonprofit continues to comply with the guidelines. That is where the Movementum Group can help. 

There a number of companies that we partner with that handle all of the Google ad logistics, ad creation, reporting, and overall management of your Google Ad account. We work directly with these companies that have expertise in Google’s rules, analytics, and behind the curtain magic. However, before you can effectively use your Google Ad grant you must have a number of things in place.  

  1. A clear and compelling story that someone is interested in learning about
  2. A set of consistent messages and program deliverables that grabs the interest of your target market
  3. A well-designed website with good content that is optimized to get people to your site that search for your keywords and programs
  4. A set of clear and compelling call to actions to engage your visitors to take action
  5. And, the one that everyone forgets, a process to keep your content current, rich and engaging.

Use the Movementum Roadmap

The Movementum Roadmap identifies the need to build a robust marketing plan and digital marketing strategy before you can successfully implement your Google Ad Grant. There are “How-to-Guides” available for each step that will help your prepare to maximize the potential of your Google ad spending.

If you are interested in a Free copy of the Expanding Your Reach with the Google Ad Grant “How-to-Guide” or need to increase the visibility to your cause and are looking for more donors, volunteers and world exposure then contact us so we can get you moving while providing you the momentum to keep the impact going