Save 70% on a digital marketing audit – Now through the end of 2023.

Is it time to step back and take an assessment of where you were and where you want to go.  Is your website telling your best story?  Is it optimized to bring you the right donors and supporters?  

What is a Marketing Audit?

We will provide you a report that identifies critical areas within your marketing message and website that need revisions or modifications such as:

1. Marketing Message Review Does your website and social media clearly define the message you want?

2.  Website Audit to identify any issues that need to be addressed to improve your websites ranking and searchability including any improvements to your landing pages.

3. SEO ranking and optimization suggestions – we will identify the top keywords that you should use to help improve your websites ranking

4. Your local marketing analytics and how well your message is being received by local audiences

5. Your organization’s social media awareness including it’s reach, overall sediment rankings and identification of potential influencers

6. GuideStar Nonprofit Listing  review and suggestions  


This assessment and report normally costs $1,995 but to get you started rebuilding your marketing momentum for 2023 we are offering this for $595.

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    Are you currently taking advantage of the Google Ad Grant of $10,000 per month in Google advertising?

    Where is your nonprofit on the road to a successful Google Ad Grant Marketing Program?

    Do you have the strategic planning and marketing programs in place to answer these questions:

    1. What you do best?

    2. How you adapt and manage change?

    3. Who you are as an organization?

    4. Why your cause makes an impact?

    5. Where to find donors and supporters?

    6. When to engage your digital strategy?

    If you cannot answer each of these questions with confidence and have a clear and compelling marketing message and well-optimized website then give us a call. 

    We can help.

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    If managed effectively it can have an big impact on your ability to reach new donors.

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