Case Study

Urban Light Ministries

A well established local ministry seeking to expand its reach and obtain an improved focus and direction based on the decision to reduce government grant funding


Build a clear and compelling strategy and brand story

The website needed updating to better tell the Urban Light Ministries story and vision.  However, the first step was to create a clear and compelling mission and vision statement to communicate the renewed passion and drive of the organization.


Taking Years of Experience and Creating a Compelling Story


The programs were delivered within a multiple county area with the majority of the documentation completed manually primarily to fulfill grant requirements.  The donor and participant’s information was in written form or throughout multiple databases.  Other than a logo there was no clear brand strategy.  Digital outreach was minimal through a small Facebook following and website presence.  No analytics or performance records were kept.


Build connection, inspiration and clarity through the staff, board members and volunteers through:

1. Creation of a clear and compelling strategic plan
2. Development of a comprehensive brand book
3. One page message platform that tells the story
4. Updated website to communicate the programs
5. Video testimonials and digital media strategy
6. Implementation of a Donor Management System


After 25 years of building a local ministry it was rewarding to see it all come together with a strategy and marketing plan that dramatically increased our outreach through our new online presence.”

Eli Williams, Founder and President

Brand Design Layout and Print Media

Social Media

Video Production