Does Your Nonprofit’s 2021 Marketing Strategy Connect the DOTS?

Hi and welcome to this week’s Movementum Moment.  I am Bruce Stapleton the founder of the Movementum Group here to provide you a quick tip on how to regain that momentum you may have lost in your marketing last year.

How well have you connected the DOTS of your digital marketing plan for 2021?  DOTS is an acronym for:

  1. Defining your mission,
  2. Outlining your goals,
  3. Telling your impact stories
  4. Selecting your best keyword phrases.

I can guarantee you that your goals and stories have changed in the past 9 months.  Take some time with your staff and board this month to step back and look at your marketing strategies.

Do your website and social media tell the stories you want to use to grow your donors and supporters in 2021?  

Is what people read about your nonprofit consistent throughout your webpage,  google business page, GuideStar Nonprofit page, and other digital platforms where your organization is found? 

Recharge your mission statement and build the marketing momentum you need by making sure your goals are in line with your mission and you are using the best keywords in your digital marketing to attract the supporters you want. There was never a better time to realign your marketing to reenergize your marketing momentum.