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Welcome.  You have been provided the link to this page which provides free access to valuable resources.  If you find these resources of value please direct others to the below link to purchase any of the guides that will help them.  If you know of any nonprofit that could use these resources but may not be able to afford them please pass their name(s) on to use through the contact form.  Thank you and we hope you find these resources helpful.

Link to the Strategy and Marketing Toolkit:

Strategy and Marketing “how-to-Guides” designed specifically for nonprofits

Clear Instructions | Easy to Follow Templates | Effective Execution
  1. Build a strong and compelling mission and vision
  2. Create a strategic brand strategy that can be communicated clearly and with impact
  3. Develop a digital marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website and builds your list of donors and supports
  4. Build you a marketing framework that gets the most impact from the Google Ad Grant


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“How-to-Guides” That Provide the Resources for Each Step of the Process

Developed specifically for the needs of a nonprofit 

Defining Your Strategic Direction with a Swot analysis

This guide helps shape your understanding of how to rapidly evaluate change in your organization, systems, processes, competition, and funding.  This will help define your strategic direction for the future.

Creating a Strategy Playbook Through Change Management

This change management strategy guide will help you create your organization’s playbook.  It will help you adapt to the constant changes while remaining true to your mission.  It provides the opportunity to create scenarios that both guide and motivate your staff, volunteers and donors.

Building Your Brand Equity

Your brand is the essence of how others view your organization and, if managed effectively, helps you stand out from the crowd.  This guide helps you build your brand’s equity by aligning your internal identity with your external image.  This helps build trust and loyalty that drives increased awareness, engagement, and funding.

Telling Your Brand Story

A  strong brand story creates the emotion and connection with others that brings life to your organization.  This guide provides the tools to begin creating your brand stories that build loyalty and trust by making your brand more tangible and creating a memorable outcome.

Discovering and Connecting Through Social Listening

Social listening provides nonprofits with the ability to connect to the right people and discover strategic insights supported by data.  This guide gives you the insight and tools you need to successfully implement your digital marketing strategy for a reasonable cost.

Executing a Digital Marketing Plan with Impact

A digital marketing strategy provides the tools and processes to actively attract, connect, and engage with your audience.  This guide provides the tools to help improve your website traffic and the templates to reach new supporters with targeted messages that inspire them to become involved.

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