Marketing Score Card

Take an Assessment of Your Organization’s Marketing Momentum

Assess your Current Marketing Momentum

Complete the Marketing Score Card to assess your organization’s current marketing momentum and identify specific areas of importance and improvement.  The tool provides a visual representation of your organization’s marketing strengths and weaknesses.

What does the Score Card measure?

The Marketing Score Card is a unique tool that identifies the effectiveness of each critical step in building a robust marketing strategy.  The eight categories identified and assessed include: 

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Targeted Personas
  3. Unique Selling Propositions
  4. Branding Strategy
  5. Story Telling 
  6. Web Optimization
  7. Inbound Marketing Strategy
  8. Paid Media Strategy

How do I Complete the Score Card?

The Marketing Score Card is provided to you as a Google Form that may be completed on your computer, tablet or smartphone.   You will be emailed your report once you complete the questions.  You can click here to begin.

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