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Strategic Branding and Digital Marketing Services

To build and sustain your marketing momentum you need a guide

How well can your staff and board members tell your nonprofit’s story?  Are you getting enough traffic to your website? We help nonprofits:

  1. Build a strong and compelling brand
  2. Clearly define the target markets you are serving
  3. Develop a digital marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website and builds your list of donors and supports
  4. Maximize your  impact from the Google Ad Grant
  5. Provide expertise in building automations to maximize the returns with a limited staff.


Services Offerings

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Planning
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Model Canvas
  • SMART Goals and KPI

Strategic Branding

  1. Targeted Persona Development
  2. Brand Positioning
  3. Strategic Messaging
  4. Content Framework

Digital Marketing

  1. Web development and hosting
  2. SEO optimization
  3. Social media management
  4. Influencer management
  5. Google ad grant management
  6. Automated workflows
  7. Reporting Dashboard creation

Video Storytelling

  1. Video storyboarding
  2. Long and short-form video
  3. Testimonial production
  4. UGC management

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