Are you spending too much time and energy on creating and updating reports?

Do you wish there was an easier way to create the reports and keep your board updated almost automatically?  

In this episode of Movementum Moment I will review a way you can create your marketing reports automatically and have them sent to your board on a monthly basis without having to do anything.  Just think of how much time you could free up allowing you to focus on managing your marketing instead of spending a large amount of time in just building and sending reports. 

There is an easy way.  Just start using Googles Data Studio.  This free tool from Google allows you to create dynamic dashboards which automatically update as the data changes.  The source of the data can be a google sheets document or over 300 other common google applications, CRM programs or web and social media analytics tools.  You can even automate your Quickbooks data.

The first task is to determine what you want to measure and report to your board.  Do you currently have key performance indicators or what are referred to as KPI’s that allow you to measure the success of your marketing efforts?  If you do, then you are ahead of over half of all other nonprofits.  Define what are the objectives of your marketing and how can you best measure success?  Obvious ones are number of new donors and number of website visits.  Other areas that are important to measure included your donor acquisition costs or reconversion of donors and volunteers.  Make sure you look at your website analytics, social media analytics and Youtube data to determine the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.  If you are using Google ads you can measure your ads Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate and Cost per Click to determine which ads are the most effective.

Once you have your KPI’s defined you can create easy to read dashboards using Google Data Studio and have the dashboard emailed to your board members monthly or other defined intervals.  The dashboards are dynamic, interactive and a great way to communicate real-time data.  

If you have never used Google Data Studios there are a number of easy tutorials that walk you through how to apply your data sources and build great looking dashboards using your brand colors and logo.  You can apply templates that have already been designed with Google analytics data, Social media analytics or YouTube data and just replace the data with yours.  In no time you will have professional looking reports that a generated automatically.  Next just set up an ongoing email list and send interval and magically your reporting is automatically completed for you every month.

Just think of the time you will save and how professional your nonprofit’s marketing reporting will now look to your board. 

I hope this weekly tip was useful.  Good luck as you continue to build your marketing momentum and if need help in creating your data studio dashboards or any digital marketing assistance please go to my website  and take a look at the available easy to follow how to guides or contact me for further assistance.