Does your nonprofit have a clear and consistent digital marketing strategy?  Are you getting the result you hoped for? 

One of the most important aspects of running a nonprofit organization is having a solid digital marketing strategy. If you are not generating new leads or current donors through your website, social media and email, then you’re missing out on people who could help advance your cause.

Marketing your organization online with a shoestring budget may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can start engaging people through your various marketing channels.  Today I’m going to give you 4 digital marketing steps that will attract, connect, engage and inspire your audience of donors and supporters.   

The first step is to start with your nonprofits website.  Your website is the curator for all of the information that goes out about your organization.  Your website does not have to be that large but tit does need to be designed so that it is easy to understand, has good SEO to bring people who have an interest to your site and very visual in telling your story. 

Second, you can then begin to drive traffic to your website through inbound marketing.  Since almost half of all people that go to your website come from organic searched.  Paid advertising including the Google Ad Grant can be leveraged to reinforce your message and gain a broader reach. Step 1 is getting them to your website and step 2 is getting them engaged once the arrive.  Quality content about your cause is important.

Third make sure you have strong landing pages with a clear call to action.  What do you want your new visitor to go away with concerning your nonprofit?  You need to provide something of value that your audience is looking for that relates to your cause.   Also provide them some incentives or reason to return to your website.

Finally, make sure to drive your messages through multiple channels.  Smart phones are the number one way people will look for information on social media, emails and your website.   Notifications built into an app or social media page are good at keeping your information fresh and in the eyes of your followers.

When it comes to engaging people to act and keeping them engaged over time most nonprofits usually fall short.  Studies have shown that only 4% of the followers of a nonprofit’s Facebook page will actually see the post unless paid advertising is involved.   For every 10,000 facebook fans only 31 of them will actually engage per post on average. 

So how do you get your audience to become motivated?

Behavior = Motivation + Ability + Prompt

So make sure your messages are clear and resonate with your audience and offer easy call to actions to get them engaged.    And if you really want build your marketing momentum you must learn to let go of control and give your supporters the tools to connect with each other.  There is a great digital web community called Mighty Network that provides you with the ability to host a community that can build upon itself and lets you engage with all of your followers as you provide the content and direction to flame the fire. 

To learn more about how to begin building your digital marketing momentum go to my website and download the how-to-guide on “Building Your Digital Marketing.”   If you missed any of the previous videos on the 8 steps to building your nonprofits marketing plan go to the movementum youtube channel.  Good luck as you continue to build your movement and give it the marketing momentum it needs to make an impact.