What’s the quickest way to engage your audience, generate support, and ignite a movement? Tell them your story. The strongest nonprofit brands are the ones that are seen as a cause. The ones that people move for, strive for and even care for. A good brand story creates a movement that can build marketing momentum.

In this video I want to address how you take your brand and begin telling stories that bring it to life.  A strong brand story creates the emotion and connection with others that brings life to your organization.  Your brand story builds loyalty and trust by making your brand more tangible.

People not only need to understand what you do but they must feel what you do so it creates an emotional bond.  You have to take those intangible things you do on a daily basis and turn them into impact stories that get people engaged and passionate about your cause.

The first step is to lay the foundation of your story through an inspiring and consistent elevator pitch.  If you had 60 seconds in the elevator with someone and you wanted them to become a supporter what would you say?  What will get them excited about your cause?  Create an elevator pitch that can be used consistently by all of your staff and board members. 

Now find stories about your organization that support or enhance your elevator pitch.  Maybe it’s a story about how your organization impacted someone’s life.  Or an inside look at what it’s like to work with your organization as a volunteer or staff members.  There are other types of stories you can highlight such as your founders story on how why your nonprofit was created or how your nonprofit has reacted to the pandemic and continued serving the needs of those in that need it most.  As you create your stories make sure you have a clear main character that has been improved by your organization and position your nonprofit as the guide or mentor that helped them overcome their challenge or conquer their villain.  Make sure you have clear connection from the problem to the solution and highlight the conquest and outcome to your main character.  It’s the same formula used in movies to get and keep the audience engaged. 

One of the most inspiring aspects of working with nonprofits is the opportunity to hear powerful stories from so many different types of causes – stories of transformed lives, revitalized neighborhoods and game-changing partnerships with businesses and government.   You can hear it in the voices of the Executive Directors and volunteers.   You now just need to drive these messages through your marketing. 

Storytelling drives passion and passion drives action.  

If you would like more information on how to begin telling your nonprofit’s stories with passion and energy go to my website:  www.movementum.com and download the how-to -guide on “Telling Your Brand Story”.  This will give you the steps, templates and everything you need to get started.