How effective is your nonprofit’s marketing strategy?  Are you getting the results you want?  What if you had a way to assess where you should focus your efforts that could have the biggest impact?

A strong marketing strategy is built on the ability to develop and execute 8 key areas within your organization.  Assessing your ability to execute each of these areas is critical to maximizing your marketing resources.  A simple yet innovative Marketing Score Card has been developed to help you assess your organization’s marketing effectiveness and provides a visual representation that highlights areas of strength and also areas that need improvement. 

The eight areas reviewed must build upon one another in order for your marketing to work effectively.  The first step is to build a strong strategic plan which includes a clear problem statement of what your nonprofit does, a clear mission statement, and an inspiring vision.  Next, you must have a clear picture of who your nonprofit is targeting both from an impact perspective and a support perspective.  Without clearly defined buyer personas you cannot effectively create a unique selling proposition and promotional strategy that resonates with your clients, supporters, and volunteers.

After you have defined your strategic plan, ideal targeted personas, and unique selling propositions you can now begin to focus on your strategic branding and messaging.  This becomes important in creating the brand identifiers such as your logo, copy tonality, and other visual representations that are critical to building awareness, trust, and action.  Only then can you begin telling your nonprofit’s impact stories and other important stories that are consistent with your brand and begin building trust and inspiration within your supporters.

To get the message out effectively you then need to have a well-defined web optimization strategy and inbound marketing strategy that drives interested parties to your website and content.  And, finally, you can now begin to execute paid advertising strategies including the $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant to effectively reach more of you constituents.

The Marketing Score Card helps your rate each of these 8 areas to identify the specific items within your overall marketing plan that need improvement and the order in which they need to be completed.  For example, without a clear picture of who your targeted personas represent it is difficult to create the best messages and promotional strategies.  The key is how well your strategy maps to your branding and then your branding to your digital marketing strategies.  Everything must work together.

It is worth the time to go through the Marketing Score Card and assess where your nonprofit stands within each of the 8 categories.  It is also helpful to reassess your marketing using the Score Card on a quarterly basis to identify new areas of focus.  The Nonprofit Marketing Score Card is free and can be downloaded from my website 

Start building momentum in your marketing using this simple but effective tool.  You will be surprised at how this tool will help you focus your efforts and assist with the building of a more dynamic and robust marketing strategy.  If you are thinking about using the $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant I strongly recommend you do a marketing assessment to determine if your organization is ready to successfully manage the grant.  If your marketing plan is not well developed, you will quickly loose your grant eligibility due to not being able to meet the criteria. 

Download the Nonprofit Marketing Score card today and begin taking control of your organization’s marketing and begin building the momentum it needs to make an impact.