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A complete, easy-to-follow program for building your nonprofit’s marketing momentum.
Designed to meet the needs of nonprofit’s with limited time and limited budgets.

5 Step Movementum Marketing Model

Designed to meet the needs of any size nonprofit

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Nonprofit Focused

Nonprofits focus on a cause where they are offering intangible services that makes their strategic planning and marketing different than that of a “for-profit” company.  The model was developed specifically to meet the unique needs of a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

nonprofit marketing

Build a Compelling Brand

Having a clear and compelling mission, vision and brand value proposition is critical to the success of any nonprofit.  The model provides a roadmap to building an effective strategic plan and compelling brand strategy.

nonprofit marketing

Improve Marketing Impact

Google generously offers any eligible nonprofit $10,000 of FREE Google Ad spending every month.  The goal of the model is to help nonprofits build an effective digital marketing strategy so they can take full advantage of the Google Ad Grant and maximize the leverage of their marketing to increase donors and supporters.

What is the 5 Step Movementum Marketing Model?


Understanding your nonprofit’s impact story is essential in to a successful marketing strategy. You need to have a clear, concise yet detailed understanding of the movement you created. Two tools that can help you define your movement in detail are a SWOT analysis and Business Model Canvas.


To create a set of marketing messages that have an impact you first need to identify the different target markets that you serve. As a nonprofit, this includes not only those you serve but also your donors, volunteers, advocates, and board members. Creating personas for each key market and their associated value propositions sets the stage for creating stronger and more compelling messages.


To build a strong marketing strategy you need to have a consistent and concise brand strategy with messaging that resonates with your target markets. Creating content that works requires a clear strategy on your key content pillars and associated keywords. This builds the framework for creating compelling stories and building a content strategy that can be consistently delivered.


Once you have defined your message and content framework the next step is to identify the most effective styles of promotion and mediums to reach your target markets. Creating an cohesive digital marketing strategy requires the integration of both organic and paid strategies working together within the same content management framework.


As a nonprofit, resources and time are few. Building automated workflows is critical to building a strong marketing strategy with minimal resources. Developing the best marketing technical stack of tools that can work together at the lowest price is essential. Many marketing tool providers provide free or discounts on their products to nonprofits. Tracking and presenting results is critical to the ongoing performance and tuning of campaigns to maximize return.

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