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To build and sustain your marketing momentum you need a roadmap

How well can your staff and board members tell your nonprofit’s story?  Are you getting enough traffic to your website? We help nonprofits:

  1. Build a strong and compelling mission and vision
  2. Create a strategic brand strategy that can be communicated clearly and with impact
  3. Develop a digital marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website and builds your list of donors and supports
  4. Build you a marketing framework that gets the most impact from the Google Ad Grant


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Providing Additional Insight and Support

Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

This webinar is the first of the series that helps nonprofits begin to build a clear and compelling vision for the future.   The tools, templates and guidance will be provided to complete a SWOT analysis and a Business Model Canvas for the organization. 

Assessing Your Nonprofit's Ability to Change

Learn proven techniques to create a change management strategy that will help your nonprofit adapt and grow.  

Creating a Compelling Brand Positioning

Creating a brand positioning statement that is clear, compelling and actionable is not easy.  This webinar will review the steps of identifying your target market, the problem your nonprofit solves and the key benefits you provide to formulate a strong brand statement.

Creating a Strong Message Platform to Build your Brand Stories

Creating and communicating brand stories that create emotion and connection with others brings life to your organization.  This webinar will provide the tools you need in laying the foundation of telling your story consistently.  You will create a one page message narrative to be used by everyone in the organization.

Social Listening - The Silver Bullet for Finding New Donors

This webinar introduces you to the untapped resource of social media with the tools and techniques to connect with the right people and discover insights supported by data.    It will show you how to gain new insights and key marketing information that you never thought you could afford.

Getting the Most Out of Your Nonprofit's Website

Is your nonprofit leveraging the most from your website to drive traffic and engagement?  This webinar provides tips and tricks to getting more out of your website for minimal dollars.  We will review the top 10 ways to grow your followers using your current website.

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